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Automate your business processes.

A.I. and image recognition for business.

We analyze billion pixels.
Each second.

Tri & Recyclage

Minimizing the impact of human society is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.
We help the sorting and recycling sector to be ever more efficient.

Repair estimate

Maintaining high customer satisfaction after a accident is a major issue for insurance companies.
We help them make decisions quickly and speed up compensation.

Person counting

We offer people counting services or the respect social distancing during a pandemic.
Available to accurately measure attendance, in stores or in public spaces.

Make your applications

We build your AI. 

Our technical experts and data scientists develop your A.I. according to your needs.

Interconnect it wherever you want.
Thanks to our API.

Easily implement the power of deep learning in all your applications with our REST API.
Send data and retrieve analyzes from your artificial intelligence.

Put your business on the cutting edge of technology.

Deep learning

Computer vision

Database & search

They talk about Fotonower

Podcast on the blog of the marketing agency IntoTheMinds

The founder of Fotonower presents the company, his activity and his business model. Listen to the podcast


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